......The Horde......

The Horde was a rock and roll band made up of Duke University Students that existed from 1966 to 1968. The four recordings below were produced by a Mr. Cash of Durham. They were recorded in May of 1967 at a studio in Greensboro, NC in the spirit of the times.

Press Buttons Firmly

Frog Street

No Need To Wonder Why

VD's Thing

In 2012 after these cuts and a ten song self produced album floated around the internet and the world for decades, the complete recorded works of the Horde were issued on vinyl and CD by Break-Way-Records in Germany.

The recordings are available at fine record stores thoughout the world.
Or contact The Horde directly at TheHorde@thinhippo.com

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Clockwise from bottom left: Steve Denenberg, Jim Stone*, Jake Devonshire, Bob Simons, Doug Haggar

Shortly after the above picture was taken Richard Van Dusen joined the band.

Here he is playing bass at the recording session of these tunes.

Photos by Albert "Boo" Bronson

*Jim Stone wasn't in the band but he was a friend of Doug's who was visiting at a time when we were between bass players. We asked him to be a surrogate band member for the photo cause he looked just right.


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